Aerostrip® diffusers are precision-engineered to create fine bubbles that maximize oxygen transfer efficiency. The evenly distributed bubbles provide a larger surface area for efficient oxygen transfer, promoting enhanced biological treatment processes and ensuring optimal water quality. With their high oxygen transfer efficiency, these diffusers contribute to energy savings and reduced operational costs.

The unique design of Aerostrip® diffusers incorporates durable, high-quality materials that ensure long lifespan and reliability, even in demanding environmental conditions. Their flexible membrane structure and self-cleaning properties minimize clogging and fouling, resulting in consistent and trouble-free operation.

One of the key advantages of Aerostrip® diffusers is their versatility. They can easily integrate into both new and existing wastewater treatment plants and adapt to different tank geometries and configurations. Whether it’s activated sludge processes, aerobic digesters, or lagoon systems, Aerostrip® diffusers deliver optimal oxygen distribution and maximize the efficiency of biological treatment.

Experience the power of efficient aeration with Aerostrip® fine bubble diffusers. Contact us today to learn more and discuss how our solutions can meet your specific wastewater treatment needs.

BioMizing also offers design and manufacturing of retrievable aeration systems with Aerostrip® diffusers, including lifting/lowering mechanisms. Here is an example of a system we have created for the Assens Ny Renseanlæg.

Read more about Aerostrip diffusers here:


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