Assens New WWTP

We are delighted to present our latest project, where we had the privilege of installing bottom aeration at Assens Ny Renseanlæg (Assens New Wastewater Treatment Plant).

The work involved extensive 3D planning, delivery, installation, and commissioning of a state-of-the-art bottom aeration solution at this modern treatment plant. Our team was responsible for installing no less than 356 AEROSTRIP® high-efficiency strip diffusers of the models EU-Q4.0, EU-Q3.5, EU-Q3.0, and EU-Q2.0.

In one of the tanks, BioMizing designed and installed a retrievable system for the diffusers, along with a lifting yoke for easy removal and submersion.

Assens Ny Renseanlæg is designed to handle large volumes of wastewater, and our goal was to optimize the efficiency and sustainability of the plant’s aeration system. By transitioning to bottom aeration, combined with our advanced diffuser technology, we expect significant energy savings and improved treatment efficiency. This will contribute to reducing environmental impact while maintaining reliable and effective wastewater treatment.

We take pride in our expertise in advanced engineering solutions and our ability to deliver tailor-made, quality-oriented projects to our clients. Our focus on innovation, reliability, and sustainability is the driving force behind our success.

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