About BioMizing

BIOMIZING IS A contraction OF the WORDS

Biology and Optimizing

It is our mission to contribute positively with optimized solutions for the water/wastewater and waste/biogas sectors.
BioMizing is a smaller trading-, production and engineering company. Our employees, suppliers and business partners all have extensive experience within the business, which helps us live out our ambition to always make our customers happy.

BioMizing enjoys access to the best know-how on the market. Our strengths lie primarily with electrical and mechanical equipment. In case of process-technical challenges, we employ the best specialists on the market.

At BioMizing, our customers are our key focus and every task centers around their needs, wishes and a matching of expectations.

Our vision is to be “Best in Class”, not “Cheap Charlie”. We always focus on delivering the best possible solution, where functionality, quality, service and lifetime cost go hand in hand. Our aim is to find the ideal balance between investment and operational costs, also called Capex/Opex.

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