Nakskov WWTP

Our extensive work at the Nakskov Renseanlæg included the delivery, installation and commissioning of a tailor-made solution to optimize the air supply and cleaning process. We have implemented 180 AEROSTRIP® strip diffusers of the model EU-Q4.0, known for their high efficiency and longevity. These diffusers ensure an even and precise distribution of air bubbles in the treatment plant’s tanks, which contributes to an effective oxygenation and circulation of the waste water.

As a part of the delivery, we have installed new distribution pipes in EN1.4404 with specially designed pipe holders that ensure optimal air flow. We have also implemented new inlet prell plates and outlet units to improve flow and cleaning efficiency. To ensure precise regulation of the air supply, we have integrated ABB air flow meters FMT430 and Sens4 pressure and temperature meters.

We are particularly proud of our use of Eggers Iris© valves with Aumamatic, which provide ultra-precise control of the air flow and enable significant energy and process optimization. Nakskov is the first sewage treatment plant in Denmark to install an Egger Iris® valve.

We are proud of our contribution to Nakskov Renseanlæg and our ability to deliver tailored solutions to our customers. Our goal is to optimize wastewater treatment, reduce environmental impact and create a sustainable future.

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