Egsmade WWTP

Optimizing Wastewater Treatment at Egsmade Wastewater Treatment Plant

BioMizing is proud to be a key partner in the optimization of the Egsmade Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our work on this project is crucial for improving the efficiency and sustainability of wastewater treatment while reducing environmental impact.

The Challenge

The Egsmade Wastewater Treatment Plant plays a critical role in purifying wastewater from thousands of households and industries in Svendborg and the surrounding areas. The facility faced challenges related to energy efficiency and surface aeration. There was a clear need for a comprehensive upgrade to reduce energy consumption and enhance treatment processes.

Our Solution

BioMizing stepped in as the preferred partner to execute the upgrade work. Our expertise in advanced engineering solutions and commitment to sustainability made us the ideal choice. The renovation will result in an innovative bottom aeration system at the Egsmade Wastewater Treatment Plant. This includes the use of our advanced Aerostrip® fine bubble diffusers, known for their high oxygen transfer efficiency. Overall, the entire delivery will include the following key components:

  • 2 blower houses on tank sets.
  • 4 Sultzer turbo compressors.
  • Complete piping system, including Egger Iris valves and ABB flow meters.
  • 384 Aerostrip high-efficiency strip diffusers, including EU-Q4.0 and EU-Q2.0 models.
  • 12 platforms for mixers.
  • 24 Sultzer mixers.

The Results

By transitioning to bottom aeration and integrating our Aerostrip® diffusers, the Egsmade Wastewater Treatment Plant has achieved significant benefits. There has been a substantial reduction in energy consumption, resulting in positive economic and environmental outcomes. Additionally, treatment processes have been optimized, ensuring higher treatment efficiency and improved water quality.

Sustainability at the Core

Our work at the Egsmade Wastewater Treatment Plant demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. We believe that advanced technology and engineering solutions can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of wastewater treatment. We are proud to have played a role in making Denmark’s wastewater infrastructure more sustainable.

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