BM Screw Conveyer

BioMizing has many years of experience with the design of transport systems for a
large number of fractions, and based on that experience subsequently chose to
develop the optimal conveyor itself.

BM-SC is an shaftless screw conveyor that is advantageously used for the transport
of sticky and abrasive fractions such as sludge, roasting material, etc.

BM-SC is tailored to the individual task, thereby achieving the optimal solution: High
operational reliability and minimal maintenance.

BM-SC differs from other screw conveyors by its unique and simple design. The liner
is held at the top of the casing with a clamping angle, which, together with the lid, is
individually bolted to the casing. This means that the liner ends completely tightly,
which minimizes the risk of the liner coming loose when it wears out. At the same
time, it is possible to offer the liner in several types of material.

BM-SC is carried out both as horizontal, angled or vertical transport.

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