BM Flow MR

Many larger treatment plants have major challenges in ensuring a uniform or regulated inflow flow to their process tanks, with reduced cleaning functions and increased energy costs as a result, the flow to process tanks is completely dependent on the design of the inflow channel as well as the current flow, these conditions can be completely eliminated by use the newly developed BM-Flow. MR

BioMizing offers with the newly developed BM-Flow. MR. system a very accurate level measurement as well as subsequent flow regulation over tilting (adjustable overflow edges)

The system consists of a specially designed scissor system which follows (and as an option) can measure the adjustable leading edge movements as well as an actuator-based level measurement that dictates the current water level, thereby measuring the current “water blanket) and using a calculation the exact flow can be measured, and subsequently used to adjust the adjustable fall edge.

The picture shows installation and adjustment of BM-Flow. MR at Hillerød’s new central purification plant, here there is a long inflow channel which distributes the flow to the three process tanks. 

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