OPTI-PE welding module

The OPTI-PE welding unit represents efficiency, reliability, and cost savings in the prefabrication of PE-air distribution systems. It is specifically designed to produce systems for use in conjunction with Aerostrip® diffusers, but is also compatible with other applications.

Our system is built as a modular aluminum fixture, each with a length of 6 meters. For longer pipes, the option exists to seamlessly connect two or more fixtures. Each fixture features bolted legs to optimize transportation convenience.

Multiple welding units for saddle branches are placed on the fixtures. The system enables simultaneous welding of saddle branches and end caps in the same setup. The presence of multiple welding units minimizes or eliminates waiting time for cooling after welding. Welding units can be moved along the fixtures to accommodate the requirements of different welding positions. All welding equipment is of German origin and manufactured by HWT, renowned for their exceptional quality.

The production benefits are:

  • Optimal working position for improved efficiency
  • PE-head pipe only needs to be positioned once
  • Single adjustment required for saddles and end caps
  • Welding modules include a drilling/connection system for pipes
  • Easy placement and welding of PE saddle branches
  • Convenient placement and welding of end caps
  • Minimal or no waiting time for cooling
  • Easy cleaning of PE-head pipe and saddles with a vacuum cleaner
  • Plastic plugs can be easily applied to all pipe openings if necessary
  • Pipe systems can undergo identification and final inspection

It is important to note that the saddle branch has been specially developed by BioMizing, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and tailored solutions.

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